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Adventure in the Mayan world


“Noj Petén” is the Mayan name given to the island of Flores that means “A Great Island", it was constructed during the year 1800 and rebuilt in 1900. The department of Petén extends its borders more than 35,854 km2 and receives a tropical climate that naturally contributes to the growth and preservation of its rainforest and wildlife. Recent reports of deforestation caused by wildfires, polluted rivers due to lack of infrastructure are affecting the wildlife in the area but despite these problems, the island of Flores is often preferred by tourists as their favorite destination, not only because its proximity towards the famous Tikal ruins, but also having colorful walls that surround the entire town inside the island. Although small in size the town offers many activities such as bike tours, boat rides, hikes, eco-friendly hotels, and local traditional restaurants. On the other hand, the department also offers a historical experience to directly engage the Mayan culture and learn its customs, beliefs, culinary art, and architecture.

Peten, Flores: Clients
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